NOTE: You must be jailbroken to use this as it is a jailbreak tweak NOTE: Currently not up to date for GamePigeon 2.2.4, work ongoing

Bird Poop is a jailbreak tweak for GamePigeon that allows you to beat your friends every time. Unless otherwise stated, every mod listed here is undetectable and looks normal on the other end.

List of modifications

  • 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 8 Ball+

    1. Extend shot lines
    2. Disable hard mode
    3. Always show shot lines (show on solids and stripes, as well as the 8 ball)
    4. Always move cue ball (detectable--very obvious on the other end)
  • Cup pong

    1. Single shot button
    2. Auto shot button
  • Anagrams, Word Hunt

    1. Play single word
    2. Play all possible words
  • Sea Battle

    1. See enemy ships
  • Basketball

    1. Single shot button
    2. Auto shot toggle
    3. Configurable miss chance so you don't look suspicious
  • Archery

    1. Remove timer
    2. Remove wind
  • Other

    1. Custom win count for any game


  • PublisherBird Poop
  • Price$1.99
  • Published Aug 29, 2020
  • Updated Jul 14, 2022
  • Version1.1.0

Bird Poop


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Bird Poop

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