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Ava UI

Got bored using same style over & over try Ava UI it’s Different.

Unique & Different Style with Bold & Fresh Design.

Must checkout Ava Status Bar & Ava CC on Twickd Repo for perfect match design.

Ava UI Themed Below Stock Apps:

• Completely changing UI

• Safari

• Mail

• Music + Music Controls (Quart & Prysm Music Controls Too)

• Lock screen icons (Camera and Flashlight)

• App Store

• Clock

• Photos

• Status Bar

• Notes

• Calendar

• Podcast

• Lock screen Toggles & Control Centre Music Controls

• Full Emoji Category UI

• Phone + In Call screen

• FaceTime UI

• Switch Knobs UI

• 4 Custom Emoji Tab icons

• Messages + Message Bubbles (Tail & Tail-Less)

• Keyboard (Mic, Globe, and Emoji)

Ava UI also Themed Below 3rd party Apps/Package Manager/Tweaks:

• Twitter UI

• Instagram UI

• Apollo UI

• Facebook UI

• Reddit UI

• YouTube UI

• TikTok UI

• Telegram UI

• TweetBot UI

• WhatsApp + WhatsApp Chat Bubbles (Tail & Tail-Less)

• WhatsApp Business + WhatsApp Business Chat Bubbles (Tail & Tail-Less)

• Filza

• Cydia

• Zebra

• Sileo

• Installer 5

• DockX Tweak

Ava UI will include below apps in future updates:


• Discord UI

• WeChat UI

• Telegram

Ava UI use with Snowboard + Snowboard UI extension from SparkDev repo.

Ava UI also support Neonboard.

for Twitter UI you need TwitterThemeSupport tweak from Miro Repo - https://miro92.com/repo/

Keyboard not Themed (Fix):

• Clear Cache using icleaner

Music Control Big (Fix):

• Go to Snowboard - Extensions - Tap on UI extensions Settings - Disable "Resize Music Controls"

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• Ava UI is updated version of Nova UI.

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  • Published Jul 06, 2021
  • Updated Aug 25, 2021
  • Version1.1.1

Ava UI


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