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Liaca Glyphs

Glyph Version of Original Liaca Crafted with love & people's base of suggestions to make it perfect for every age users & every type users.

Liaca Glyphs Features :

• +1370 icons

• +20 alternative icons

• Settings theme

• 26 wallpapers (credit to original creator's)

• New Badges

• Full preference theme

A pack of 26 wallpapers that you can download here

Liaca Glyphs Updates :

• Liaca Glyphs will get updates every weeks containing 50-100 new icons.

• Redesign existing icons

• Improve & fixes support for settings icons

• Updates might be delayed if i’m busy because I'm human.

Take a Look at Devy_Design on twitter

Liaca Glyphs Icon requests :

• For icon request, suggestions & new ideas so you can make your requests on this mail id (idrainmax@gmail.com)

• Provide proof of purchase (transaction or Receipt screenshot)

• You can request up to 15 icons

• Also please provide the application name with its bundle ID like this format (App name - Bundle ID)

Important notes :

• Liaca Glyphs is working for Snowboard, Anemone, iThemer and icon-matic.

if you already Purchased Liaca Glyphs on Packix then you'll be able to transfer purchase fron Packix to Twickd.

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  • PublisherDevy_Design
  • Price$2.00
  • Published Aug 06, 2020
  • Updated Nov 10, 2021
  • Version4.1.5

Liaca Glyphs


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