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Liaca Grey Sticker

Your popular icon designs with a Great Grey stickers style concept. Liaca Grey Sticker perfectly combined with design of unique icons and style of stickers included stickers badges which not interrupt your overall setup.

Liaca Grey Sticker means unlimited possibility of unique setups to make your device more loved by you.

Liaca Grey Sticker Features :

• 1020+ Premium icons

• 20+ alternative icons

• Alt icon for Calendar App

• Settings theme

• 2 Sticker Style Badges

• 26 wallpapers (credit to original creator's)

A pack of 26 wallpapers that you can download here

Liaca Grey Sticker Updates :

• Liaca Grey Sticker will get updates every weeks containing 50-100 new icons.

• Redesign existing icons

• Improve & fixes support for settings icons

• Updates might be delayed if i’m busy because I'm human.

Take a Look at @Devy_Design on twitter

Liaca Grey Sticker Icon requests :

• For icon request, suggestions & new ideas so you can make your requests on this mail id (idrainmax@gmail.com)

• Provide proof of purchase (transaction or Receipt screenshot)

• You can request up to 15 icons

• Also please provide the application name with its bundle ID like this format (App name - Bundle ID)

Important Notes :

• Liaca Grey Sticker is Compatible with Snowboard, Anemone, iThemer and icon-matic.

• Refunds will be declined after 24 Hours of use.

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  • PublisherDevy_Design
  • Price$2.00
  • Published Sep 03, 2020
  • Updated Dec 01, 2021
  • Version2.1.9

Liaca Grey Sticker


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