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Zigzag Status Bar

A Simple Design Packed with Love to make strong impression on your Status Bar.

Carefully redesign Cellular, Wifi & LTE icons with Same design battery open up new possibilities of unique status bar setups.

Zigzag Style Battery pack crafted carefully maintaining your every percentage on Draining & Charging of battery.

Zigzag Status Bar features:

• Cellular icon

• Wifi icon

• Dual Sim Support

• LTE icon

• Zigzag Style Battery Pack with Gradient Colour & Regular option

Zigzag Status Bar Compatible with Below Tweaks :

• For cellular and Wifi use Snowboard & Snowboard Status Bar Extension (Spark’s Repo)

• For Battery pack use Juice (Spark’s Repo) or NiceBarX (NiceiOS Repo)

• For Cellular, Wifi, LTE & Battery use NiceBarX (NiceiOS Repo)


• Must Resize battery as your teste.

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• More Status Bar Elements coming with weekly updates

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  • PublisherDevy_Design
  • Price$1.50
  • Published Sep 12, 2020
  • Updated Jul 03, 2021
  • Version1.1.3

Zigzag Status Bar


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