This is a tweak to add notifications for applications that don't have notification capabilities. The specified notifications are sent locally every week on the specified days.

Please be sure to confirm and agree to the following specifications before purchasing and using the product.
If you purchase this software, you agree to the following specifications.

If target app originally has a notification function, do not use it because it may break that function. This app has been confirmed to work only with App for Japanese internet radio distribution service (AG).

  • Supported Devices arm64: iOS 10.0 - 13.5
    arm64e: iOS 12.0 - 13.5 (untested)

How to use

injecting to app

This tweak adds local notifications to the applications described in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/CustomNotification.plist.

The default setting is If you want to add notification to apps other than this bundle ID, please rewrite only this ID. If you set more than one bundleID, the same notification will be sent from two apps. :/

Also, this tweak does not apply to apps that do not have the AppDelegate class. However, many apps should have this class.

Setting notification

Notification settings described in /Library/Application Support/CustomNotification/list.plist are applied.

You can know the contents by looking at temp.plist. This section describes the setting method and the meaning of the key.

  • title
    Set the title of the notification. In the following cases, TITLE1 will be the title of this notification.

  • body
    Sets the notification text. Here you can specify the content of the notification.

  • hour
    Set the hour to be notified. This is expressed in 24-hour notation.

  • minute
    Set the minutes to be notified.

  • week
    Set the day of the week to be notified. "1" is Sunday and "2" is Monday.

  • notification
    Set whether to enable this notification.

  • repetition
    Set the number of weeks to add this notification from the day you open the application.


Launch the application

After setting the notification like this, you can actually register the notification by setting tweak to enable from Preference and starting the target application.
Note: that a network connection is required for the first boot or after reenable jailbreak or and date changes.

Delete notification

Notifications will be deleted by deleting all the lists in /Library/Application Support/CustomNotification/list.plist and starting the app with tweak enabled.

Also, each time you start the application, the notification set last time will be canceled and the addition of list.plist will be registered again.

For advanced users

You can confirm that the notification has been registered by connecting to the Mac and checking the log.

CustomNotification: This application is supported!
TITLE1: Start
SET Notification = 4B6F5613-DD20-4124-86D6-799012F11A98
DATE: 2020/06/15 19:00
SET Notification = 0E39DFFB-4106-406A-AFCB-DD944F23ADA9
DATE: 2020/06/22 19:00
SET Notification = C3DF56E4-4E48-430E-ACB2-6FF40E08DC70
DATE: 2020/06/29 19:00
SET Notification = DEF2968E-7297-456E-9107-27C14002C0E1
DATE: 2020/07/06 19:00

If you see CustomNotification: This application is supported!, this tweak has been loaded successfully.
And, from SET Notification, you can see that TITLE1 notification has been added to DATE.


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  • Published Jun 10, 2020
  • Updated May 05, 2021
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