CoolKepad is a tweak to give you the freedom to customize your dialer keypad, passcode keypad and coloring phone UI elements. Take a look at features list below and I plan to add more features soon. I know there's some tweak that let user to coloring the UI's for phone app but I have added many more features with this tweak and I guarantee you will love CoolKeypad. It's compatible with iOS 12 & iOS 13 and you iOS 12 users won't be left out with this awesome tweak. On sale at $0.99 for the next 7 days then selling at $1.49 you better grab it while it on sale.

For those who are unsure whether to buy CoolKeypad or not. I have included the DEMO VERSION deb so you guys can download the deb from google drive and install it with Filza (Please NOTE the demo version isn't doing anything at all, just to demonstrate what an actual tweak will look like and what features it comes with). Download here.


  • Gradient background color for dialer
  • Custom call button shapes (star, hexagon, decagon and pacman)
  • Change keypad radius for dialer and passcode
  • Color the keypad or you can use custom TelephonyUI images (comes with 15 pre-installed images)
  • Color dialer delete button
  • UITabBar gradient color
  • Change UITabBar corner radius
  • UITabBar custom text or emoji
  • Color dialer delete button
  • Color UITableView background
  • Color UITableViewCell
  • Color swipe to delete action
  • Color search bar
  • Color index
  • Color footer and the label for footer
  • Color UILabel
  • Color UITabBar icons
  • Change default blue tint to any color you want
  • Color or hide separator lines
  • Color padlock on lock screen
  • Color passcode entry field
  • Color UIButtonLabel on passcode screen
  • Clean look of keypad without alphabetical
  • Customize passcode and dialer
  • Custom text on passcode screen, you can change (Enter passcode, Emergency, Delete and Cancel) labels to any words or emoij
  • Coloring the keypad text, only if clean keypad enabled
  • More features coming soon for (In call service and Emergency dialer)


  • iOS 12 & iOS 13


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  • PublisherDylan West
  • Price$0.99
  • Published Jan 23, 2020
  • Updated May 05, 2021
  • Version1.0.4


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