Welcome to RETROKeys Laetus theme Pack

Hello, I love using themes on my keyboard specially those that take me back to those old days of iOS 6 and older. I once read a comment after iOS 7 was release that themes would never be the same, that we would never have this kind of customization, but here we are again with the ability customize all the system to our liking!

I present you RETROKeys for Laetus tweak!

This takes your keyboard to another level!

Contains 2 themes.

Language Supported:

  1. English.
  2. Spanish Mexico
  3. Spanish Spain
  4. Spanish Latin America
  5. French France
  6. French Canada
  7. Arabic
  8. Russian
  9. Portugues (Make sure you have the English keyboard within your keyboards).
  10. Other languages are supported by default, please request your layouts.
  11. More languages coming with requests.

You can support my work by purchasing my other themes.

  1. Midnight
  2. Vintage
  3. Lollipop
  4. Lollipop White
  5. Lollipop Dark
  6. XLIconSet
  7. Aube
  8. Omega
  9. OV2
  10. Twelve
  11. TwelveEclipse
  12. Retina
  13. Gridless
  14. Litt13
  15. PaperGlyphs
  16. Confetti
  17. Adaptive

As Always thanks and God Bless you all.


  • PublisherPsprrom
  • Price$1.50
  • Published Aug 28, 2021
  • Updated Dec 09, 2021
  • Version1.9

RETROKeys Keyboard Pack

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