"Vintage" is a colloquialism commonly used to refer to all old styles.


Laetus keyboard themes pack

Welcome to Vin-tage, this is  complete Laetus keyboard Pack. It contains 3 mods:

  1. Vin-tage (Classic)
  2. Vin-tage Pacific-P (purple)
  3. Vin-tage Graphite (dark)

    These are brand new keyboard themes for your Notched device. Thanks to @SparkDev97 for this great tweak! 

    Note: These are keyboard layout themes! It depends on Leatus tweak!

Supported Devices (All Notched Devices)

  1. iPhone X
  2. iPhone Xs
  3. iPhone Xs Max
  4. iPhone Xr
  5. iPhone 11
  6. iPhone 11 Pro
  7. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  8. iPhone 12
  9. iPhone 12 Pro
  10. iPhone 12,
  11. iPhone 12 Pro Max

Supported Languages

  1. English (US)
  2. English (Safari Support) Experimental, not all languages may work!
  3. English (UK)
  4. French (France)
  5. French (Canada)
  6. French (Switzerland)
  7. Spanish (Latin America)
  8. Spanish (Mexico)
  9. Spanish (Spain)
  10. Arabic
  11. Russian
  12. German

Other languages may partially work!

Please report any bugs with layouts

Please provide your device name/iOS version and keyboard language when reporting! 

If you need support for a specific language please let me know! 

Thanks for your support, and May God bless you all!


  • PublisherPsprrom
  • Price$1.50
  • Published Jul 23, 2021
  • Updated Sep 18, 2021
  • Version1.7

Vintage Keyboard Pack


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