App Notifications YOUR Way!

Tired and bored of the stock badge notification?

Iconify gives you the ability to choose a notification style to your liking. Featuring 5 different notifications styles to choose from. Notifications styles are completely customizable allowing you to choose the colors, borders radius and more.

Notification Styles:

- Alert Overlay: Gives your icons an overlay indicating there is a notification. Features text under the overlay.

- MacOS Style: Presents a round rectangle under the app/folder indicating there is a notification. 

- MacOS Style + Text: Presents a round rectangle with text in it under the app/folder indicating there is a notification

- CrossBar: Presents 4 small bars on each side of app/folder when there is a notification.

- Spot: SpotOn is back! Adds a small spot on the app/folder when there is a notification

The following are a bunch of other options that is possible with Iconify:

Borders: Like Borders? Iconify gives you the ability to add borders to BOTH your icons and your notification styles. Colors: Iconify allows you to change the color of the notification styles, and text. Gradient Colors: Now fully features gradient colors! Add some flare to your notification styles with beautiful gradients. Adaptive Colors: Give your notification styles some beauty allowing to have the same color as the app itself. Works best with borders. Folders: Folder have their own separate settings from apps and can be found in its own settings panel. Position: Dont like the standard position of the notification? No problem, you can choose the position you want it as well. Animations: Iconify also gives you the chose of using animations on both the borders and the notification styles. Choose from a bunch of different styles.. Video 1 2 3 Settings: A slew of settings to choose from such as hiding different aspects, alpha settings and more.

Please check out the pictures for more detail.

Works on iOS 12/13/14


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  • Published Mar 29, 2022
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