• With Megane you can search no matter which app you have open.
  • Assign a key to Activator to make it available.


  • libactivator, Centralized gesture, button and shortcut management for iOS. It is also available on Ryan Petrich Repo.

About Set up key

There are three characters that can be entered in the setup key: "U", "D", and "M".

  • "U" - Volume Up Button
  • "D" - Volume Down Button
  • "M" - Mute Button

If the setup key field of the setting is written as follows ... Setup Key:UD You can display Megane by pressing the U volume up button and then the volume down button.

Feature List

  • You can search freely from the search bar.
  • You can resize the screen by moving the toolbar.
  • You can close or shrink the screen with each button on the toolbar.
  • Compatible with Activator.
  • Added bookmark function. You can register the URL from the settings. (Respring required)
  • You can select Search Engine.

Test Device

  • iPhoneXR ios13.3
  • iPhone11 ios13.4.1
  • iPad7 ios13.5.1


  • Publishersugiuta
  • Price$0.00
  • Published Nov 01, 2020
  • Updated May 05, 2021
  • Version0.0.5-1+debug



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