The lite version of the amazing wallpaper app DynaWall. Create and load dynamic wallpapers into the wallpaper settings of Settings app.


  1. Create wallpapers from images in your Library
  2. See all the wallpapers you have created and delete them from settings.
  3. The same polished and beautifully designed UI you expect from DynaWall.
  4. Perfectly designed haptics for a rich experience.

If you guys like the Lite version and want to upgrade to the full version with a even bigger set of features, you can do so from within the app from the settings or use the link to full DynaWall (here)[]

As always stay awesome and a huge thanks to people for supporting the development of DynaWall!


  • PublisherThe_Lucifer
  • Price$0.00
  • Published Apr 18, 2020
  • Updated May 05, 2021
  • Version1.0

DynaWall Lite


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