Make your Lockscreen even more speedier!


Make your lockscreen even more fast


QuickLS allows you to remap the quick action buttons to whatever app you want, it also ports them to older devices, the full feature list:

  • Remap Buttons to any app****
  • Port the buttons over to older devices then X
  • Set custom button offset
  • More s0n?

*****All apps need to be custom made, so submit your missing app via settings, or shoot me a DM @DaveWijk

If you've come to the end, i was you a great day :P

Version 1.2

Thanks all for the amazing support, ya'll are amazing! 🤩

Now back to the changelog:

Added Apps

  • Twitch
  • Youtube Music
  • Geeni
  • Tweetbot 5
  • YAZIO These were all the icons, make sure to submit more if you need them :D

Other important changes:

  • Removed cephei as a dependency: this tweak has no dependencies at all now 🥳

Hope ya'll have a good yearswitch, and see ya'll in 2020 👋🏻

Version 1.1.1

Feature/Bug fixes:

  • The icon color now colors with your background instead of staying white


  • Added Geeni App

Version 1.1

Big Update 🥳

New Apps: -Storytel -Shazam -Moovit -Waze -Remote

More Stuff:

  • Added flashlight to the left button
  • Added Ability to remove each button seperately

Version 1.01

Thanks for buying QuickLS! This is the first batch of icons


  • Cydia
  • Transit
  • bunq
  • Flitsmeister
  • Accuweather
  • Xbox
  • Books (from apple)
  • Carrot Weather
  • Apple Maps
  • Google Maps

*Also changed the max X-offset to 125(icons connect each other) and the Y-offset to 500(really high), as per user request *