Make your Lockscreen even more speedier!


iOS 13-13.5 ONLY

QuickLS is an iOS 13 tweak which allows you to remap the current lockscreen button to any app of choise. If you desire, you can select multiple apps. It will then automaticly be placed inside a stack.

Full feature list:

  • Remap LS button to any app
  • Make a stack of apps on your lockscreen
  • Set button offset
  • Set custom stack button size
  • Keep the original buttons by disabling all apps in that stack
  • Use glyps from the custom made glyph set
  • Tint the buttons to a self picked color

Thanks to Tr1Fecta and Muirey for the improved app opening speed!

Version 2.5.2

  • Fix DRM

Version 2.5

Another Huge Update🥳

  • Improved stability
  • Improved app launch speed (thanks to muirey and tr1fecta)
  • Splashed some bugs 🕷️
  • Added old glyphs back
  • Added option to choose a tint color for the buttons
  • Revamped settings

Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed an issue in QuickLS where it wouldn't launch a stacked app on some devices if you need to manually enter your password.

Version 2

The biggest update of QuickLS EVER Changelog:

  • You can now select as many apps as you want and stack them!
  • Its now also possible to use all apps on your device, not just the premade ones.

Sorry for the length between previous and this update, i've had to deal with some personal problems and school. Thanks for your understanding.


🏠 #StayHome with Twickd!