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Successor to Weather12

THE! Weather Widget!

Weather13 is a well made widget that is made to follow the rules of iOS design.

If you want weather on your homescreen this is THE widget

To use this widget you need to have XenHTML and XenInfo Installed

FOR iOS 13 USERS: Because iOS 13 doesn't allow apps to have access to always use location data will be less accurate, to fix this add the weather widget to your today page and it will be close to the same experience as if you're on iOS 12, however keep in mind you need to load the widget first, meaning each respring quickly swipe to the today view

FOR USERS BELOW iOS 13: To get the best perfomance and experience go to your privacy settings and under location services make sure the weather app is allowed to use your location data when in the background

Important for iOS 13

Currently XenInfo is broken for the most part, however some things still work, therefore you can still buy and install the widget on iOS 13, but it isn't recommended... However as of today it looks like June is updating his tweaks, and XenInfo will likely get updated soon...


Weather13 is XenHTML widget made to be modular and well designed. The widget allows you to have the weather and even a clock, or maybe you want the temperature, sure Weather13 can do that too, or maybe you want the chance of rain? Yup it does that too, maybe the weather and chance of rain, also possible!

Feature List

  • Place the widget anywhere on any page, or even on your lockscreen thanks to XenHTML
  • Customize the widget as much as you want, you can mix the clock and temperature together, or even mix weather and temperature and so forth.
  • Change which side has what
  • Change from light to dark mode
  • Change between 12hr and 24hr clocks
  • Change the padding on the sides

Known Issues

  • Weather may be displayed incorrectly i.e as "Mostly Sunny" even when it is not sunny or similar, this is actively being worked on... This shouldn't affect many people but it may vary... (This seems to be an iOS 13 only bug, and it also seems to be XenInfo's fault not mine, we will have to wait for June to update XenInfo for this)

Other issues can be reported to my twitter

Most issues will be fixed within the next couple of updates... Stay tuned...


Refund requests made within 7 days are refunded if it is my problem. Meaning if there is an issue in the widget which is reproducible, therefore if it is because XenHTML or XenInfo being incompatible with your current version of iOS the refund will be declined. Otherwise refunds are given if I don't fix the issue.

Dependency Repos

Get XenHTML from

Get XenInfo from

Both being free to add and free to download...

Version 1.3.2


Last update caused a bug to made, which stopped the process of loading your settings, this update fixes that... Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused...

Version 1.2.2

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed "Weather + Temperature" It was a little bugged out and sometimes would work properly, and it looked very bad when it was on the left side, this was an oversight I made
  • Fixed 0AM showing 0 instead of 12... 12hr digital clocks show 0 AM as twelve
  • Made the clock a little bit bigger when just using the clock without weather date or temperature
  • Revamped the rain module
  • Revamped the temperature module These should now look a little bit better

Version 1.1.2

New Features

  • There is now a debug mode (Use it when reporting bugs)
  • You can now customize the delay at which the weather reloads (The smaller delay the worse battery performance)
  • You can now choose how you want the date to appear, meaning you can choose whether you want it to be Weekday/Month/Day or Weekday/Day/Month, this is for people who may live in some places where they use a different system

Fixes and Improvements

  • Better battery performance
  • Some issues caused weather to not load and require a respring, the widget will now auto reload if it detects the weather wasn't initialized properly...
  • General performance improvements
  • The "Weather + Temperature" now looks as intended

Version 1.0.0

Initial Release


🏠 #StayHome with Twickd!