Mix and match multiple styles status bar icons, page dots, notification badges! Theme your device the way you want!

AiirX Theme

Custom made StatusBar, Page Dots, Notification Badges and Much More!

All in one theme for your device! Everything is catagorized in Snowboard for ease of use. Enable only what you want, icons no longer match your new setup? Change it up whenever you want!

All icons made by me, with multiple other designs in the works!

Anyone who purchased AiirCC will have a discount on AiirX. From $1.50 -> $1.00


Tested only on iPhone X, If you have any issues with any icons please contact me. Especially Non-Notched devices as I wasn't able to test. Signal Icons will not work on DualSim. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Must have Snowboard and Snowboard Statusbar Extensions.
  • Must have Snowboard and Snowboard Page Dots Extensions.
  • Must have Snowboard and Snowboard Dock Extensions.

Instructions - Read Carefully


You must have:

  • SnowBoard
  • SnowBoard Snowboard Statusbar Extensions
  • Snowboard and Snowboard Page Dots Extensions

You Can also use if you prefer

  • iThemer
  • NiceBarX (Currently in Beta, but does work. May need to alter icon sizes within NiceBarX settings)

What you get:

  • Multiple different Signal icons to pick from
  • Multiple different Wifi icons to pick from
  • "Locations" statusbar icon
  • Multiple different Page Dots icons to pick from
  • Multiple different Notification Badges to pick from
  • LockScreen Flashlight and Camera Icons (Icons from Aiir CC https://repo.twickd.com/package/com.twickd.aiirik.aiir-cc)
  • Multiple Docks

Mix and match any icons together without any restrictions!

NOTE: This theme DOES NOT include any APP Icons. App Icon used in screenshots is "Viola"

Notification Badges Customization!

  • Download "Pastel" tweak by ConorTheDev to further customizing the colour as well as numbers!
Alternative (Without another Tweak):

To change the colour of the number in the Notification Badge, follow the instructions:

  • Using Filza, go to Library\Themes\
  • Find the folder with "NAME - badge.theme" (NAME = the badge you wish to alter the number)
  • Open the Plist File. (click edit and top> click the plist file> click more at the bottom> open with> Text editor)
  • Note: this can also be done by 3D touching the plist> swipe up> open with> Text editor

Be mindful of what you edit: Once Text Editor opens:

  • "Font size" will change the size of the numbers ( if you delete the font size line and the line for the size number it will be the stock size)

  • Higher the number the bigger the font for the number.

  • "Text Color" here you can change the colour. (White, Black, Red, Blue etc...)

  • Note: If you dont want a number set font size to 0.1 and colour to "transparent"

Future Updates:

  • More Signal/Wifi Icons in the works
  • User Requests, any design ideals can be sent my way and I can see about implementing them!
  • More UI elements themed
  • Theme naming conventions is subject to change in hopes to make it easier for users
  • Lots more to come!

Discounts and Payment:

Anyone who purchased AiirCC will have a discount on AiirX. From $1.50 -> $1.00

Can't afford to purchase this or can't purchase the theme in your country? PLEASE contact me. DO NOT pirate this theme. We can work out an alternative. You can reach me anytime on Twitter (link below)

For a FREE alternative, check out "Aiir Status Bar". This is regarded as a "Free Trial" for this theme. It includes a few Signal / Wifi icons but none of the other elements.

Contact Information

You can contact me as well as follow my progress on twitter Twitter.com/Aiirikx. Like what i've made and feel like supporting me? Paypal.me/ErikPoirier.

Version 1.2

  • Added new Signal / Wifi icons (Snowboard & NicebarX):

    1. Signal Outline
    2. Signal Heart
    3. Wifi Outline
    4. Wifi Heart
  • Renamed Signal "RoundedOutline" to "Outline Fill"

  • Renamed Wifi "RoundedOutline" to "Outline Fill"

  • Added Page Dots:

    1. Heart
  • Added extra Signal / Wifi icons for NiceBarX for testing before making it available for Snowboard:

    1. Signal Inner Fill
    2. Signal Inner Fill V2
    3. Wifi Inner Fill
    4. Wifi Inner Fill V2

Version 1.1


  • Fixed issue with "Digital" icons not working well with iThemer
  • Fixed issue with "Wifi Dots" incorrect file name typo
  • Added Dock themes. 2 new dock themes
  • Added support for NiceBarX13 for the Signal and Wifi icons (NOTE: This is still in testing. Some icons may not be sized as intended and you may have to adjust them. If you have sizing issues and are unable to adjust them using the NiceBarX settings, please use Snowboard to theme them.)

Version 1.0.1


  • Fixed a minor issue with the flashlight toggle on lockscreen
    1. Support for non-notched devices
    2. Fixed icon for when flashlight is enabled
  • Fixed a minor issue with "Locations" icon to support non-notched devices

Version 1.0

Initial Release