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Functionality added to the currently pointless Reachability window.

Concept by @Xeviks Requested by @mighel88

Carbonite (random name) is a tweak designed to improve device feature functionality by adding a clock, control center and quick access button to the Settings app.

Version 1.0.7

  • Fixed the date label looking like it isn't there by making it permanently white again
  • Started working on new modules as asked by users (uicache, respring, etc.)

Any issues? Please send a crash log, no help will be provided without one in the case of a crash. Want a refund? I'm only able to give back $1.01 due to how Twickd works, refunds won't be given without a valid reason. "I don't want it anymore" or "I accidentally bought it" aren't valid reasons.

Version 1.0.6

  • Adds support for arm64e
  • Removes iOS 12 compatibility on Twickd

Version 1.0.4

Updates have been made! Let's see if they work this time.

  1. Added a flashlight toggle instead of appearance.
  2. Changed the time size on non-plus devices.
  3. Added basic colouring to the date label, coloured by the wallpaper.
  4. Fixed the quick access button.
  5. Tried adding iOS 12 support, please let me know if this works.

Next Update: The next update will include options, this way users can choose certain features they want and disable ones they don't.

Version 1.0.3

Added the ability for developers to create modules Carbonite Modules

Added checks for blurs and traits, hopefully this will fix iOS 12 fingers crossed


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