Covid 19 Stats


Covid19 information on your lock screen

Keep track of the Covid 19 pandemic in your area on your lock screen.


  • Switch countries from the lockscreen
  • Current world information
  • Current country information
  • Current state/province information (where available)
  • Cycle through individual days for each country
  • Cycle through individual days for each state.
  • Option to change colors
  • Option to hide state/province information


  • JHU CSSE GISand Data



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More Info:


Version 1.8

  • Fixed Homescreen Error
  • Fixed Reloading Data Error

Version 1.7

  • Temp fix for US States
  • Removed excess code
  • Added 'Tested Cases'

Version 1.6

  • You can now view your county/city (where available - see screenshots)
  • Fixed timeout errors
  • Added an extra data percentage
  • Fixed other data percentages