A more colorful music experience.

Melted Crayons

Welcome to a more colorful music experience.

Melted Crayons brings you a more colorful music experience on iOS 13 by adding a vibrant background visualizer to the Apple Music and Spotify players.

Please note: in order to preserve my sanity, I am doing a multi-stage compatibility rollout for this tweak. The following device configurations are currently compatible:

  • arm64, arm64e
  • iOS 13.0 -- 13.3.1

Please note that at this time I cannot offer refunds purely due to time limitations on my part. If you disagree with this please do not purchase this tweak. Please note that all bug/crash reports are read and taken seriously. I strive to offer a bug-free experience but sometimes that requires patience. Thanks for understanding.

Version 1.0.3b1-71+debug

MeltedCrayons v1.0.3b1

Preferences are here! Adjust the Melted Crayons background to your liking with two settings:

  1. Tint -- force the tint to be light or dark, or let it adaptively match your system
  2. Vibrancy -- fine-tune the vibrancy in 0.5-point increments from 1 to 10.

If you're using Apple Music, the player controls will now automatically adapt to the tint selected in Settings. This feature is coming to Spotify soon.

Version 1.0.2b88-1+debug

MeltedCrayons 1.0.2b88

Revert part of build 87 to fix UI issues and playlist crashes.

Version 1.0.2b87-3+debug

MeltedCrayons 1.0.2b87

Mainly another attempt at fixing the elusive Apple Music crash.


1. The Next Up queue in Apple Music now has a transparent background.

Version 1.0.2b82-2+debug

MeltedCrayons 1.0.2b82

Another attempt at fixing the elusive Apple Music crash. Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to send me crash logs.

Version 1.0.2b71-1+debug

MeltedCrayons 1.0.2b71

1. Album art loading and color analysis is now literally 25x faster!

The old algorithm took, on average, approximately 1333 ms (1.333 seconds) to complete. The new algorithm takes, on average, approximately 52 ms (0.052 seconds) to complete! The longest time I've seen with the new algorithm so far is 119 ms. The shortest is 21 ms. The fastest I saw with the old algorithm was 312 ms, and slowest was 4256 ms.

2. Transitions are now smooth as silk in Spotify.


  • Version 1.0.3b1-71+debug
  • Updated Mar 15, 2020
  • Price $1.29
  • iOS Version(s) 12.4.2 - 13.3