Corona Status


A simple widget to display case information about COVID-19

Corona Status

Widget Information:

Inspired by @Yogesh_gosavi_'s Corona KWGT, Corona Status is a clean, simple, interactive Xen HTML widget to display information about cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in your area.

Widget Options:
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • Custom Refresh Rate
  • Country/Province Support
  • User-Defined Location
This widget does NOT require XenInfo to use!

Version 1.3

  • Updated widget to use new API endpoints

Version 1.2

Added 2 new styles to pick from:

  • Transparent (Dark Text)
  • Transparent (Light Text)

Version 1.1

Changed Options.plist to display a list of available countries and provinces to pick from. These are the only available options at the moment. I am UNABLE to add more locations to pick from.