Make your Messages app Dope!


Endless customization for SMS Application!!

DopeConvos is only compatible with iOS 13.

Current Features:

  • Change the Large title to anything you want.
  • Change the color of the Large Title.
  • Change overall TintColor.
  • Change Background Color.
  • Hide separators or change their color.
  • Change Bubble Gradient colors.
  • Change Bubble Text Colors.
  • Remove Bubble Tail.
  • Change sender name color.
  • Change preview text color.
  • Remove Bubble Fill.
  • Pin Conversations.
  • Gradient Background.
  • Background Image.
  • Dynamic Blurs.
  • Modern Pinned, DND, Mute Indicator Images.
  • Conversation Table corner radius and cell width
  • Color send buttons for SMS and iMessage


which are required in order to install DopeConvos:

  • Cephei -

  • libimagepicker -

  • libsparkcolourpicker -

Please visit the FAQ page for any questions

FAQ Page

Please visit the WIKI page for an explanation on what each element does in DopeConvos


Issues and bug reports

When creating a new bug report or feature request, please make sure that it has not already been submitted under the 'Issues' tab of this repository, this just helps with organization

Feature Request

Bug Report


  • ETHN - follow me for more up to date info, or ask me anything.

  • MTAC - follow MTAC and checkout his tweak Lynx

  • Email - open to any questions or concerns.

  • Repo - Repo containing DopeConvos

Version 3.3

  • Further testing to mitigate the issue with crashing.
  • Fixed placement of indicator images
  • Fixed indicator image previews in settings

Version 3.2

Fix crash

Version 3.1

Fixed remove entry view background Fixed Entry View Cover Fill Color Fixed Entry View Button Colors Added Reva Preset Fixed an issue that wouldn't copy all settings over Added the option to hide new compose button in nav bar instead of just removing it

Version 3.0

  • Fixed an issue where settings would not stick, this also resolves all issues with Presets but old Presets will not work. Also keep in mind that all prefs and settings will be reset in this version

  • Added the ability to hide typing indicators - This works for yourself and the other person. While also keeping Read Receipts functionality.

  • Fixed an issue where dismissKeyboard was not working for Entry View Text.

  • Added an option to not respring when applying settings.

  • Added Large Floating Compose Button. You can also change the size of it.

  • Fixed an issue with crashing on Jailbreak’s that utilize libhooker.

  • Added light/dark mode which also works with Presets

  • Added stylepicker for light/dark mode. Thanks BooDev!

  • Chevron Switch" description:@"Added a switch for Chevron Color.

  • Fixed an issue where tint color would not stick for Avatar Navigation bar drop down buttons.

  • Fixed an issue where Waveform Audio would only show tint color even when already played.

  • Full implementation of Preloaded Presets.

  • Added corner radius to mask when Disable Mask On Images is enabled, looks much cleaner.

  • You can now adjust the style of the background of the New Compose menu. Ths option can be found in DopeConvos>Main Settings>Conversations>New Compose Background.

Version 2.9

DopeConvos 2.9

  • Revamped settings to make it easier to understand, each section now has an explanation attached to it.

  • Removed the glitch when transitioning into a chat.

  • Fixed an issue where the mask on links would be disabled even though Disable Mask On Images was not enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the background color of the New Compose menu would be transparent if background Color was not selected.


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