Scroll recently added songs horizontally!


Horizontally scroll your Recently Added Albums!

MusicAlbumScroll is only compatible with iOS 13.

Current Features:

  • Change horizontal spacing
  • Change vertical spacing
  • Apply round album artwork across the entire Music app
  • Unlimited Recently Added Albums
  • Adjust sizing of Albums
  • Disable Vertical Scrolling
  • Removed Shadow under artwork


which are required in order to install MusicAlbumScroll:

  • Cephei -

Open Source

check out MusicAlbumScroll on Github


  • ETHN - follow me for more up to date info, or ask me anything.

  • Email - open to any questions or concerns.

  • Repo - Repo containing MusicAlbumScroll

Version 1.4

  • Fixed an issue where the title view was gone when searching songs on Apple Music
  • Fixed an issue where the promotional image of an artist had round mask
  • Fixed an issue where Video views had round mask

Version 1.3

  • Compatibility with N95, keep "Enable Round Artwork in Now Playing" disabled to enjoy N95's amazing themes.

Version 1.2

  • Fixed layout of albums to align with the text
  • Added toggles for everything
  • Added an option to enable horizontal scrolling so it's not enabled by default
  • Fixed an issue with disable vertical scrolling so it will only be disabled on the main screen