Doesn't that annoying popup in Apple Music get in the way?


Don't you just hate that annoying popup when you select "Play Next" in Apple Music?

  • Get rid of the queue menu and add a slight vibration to let you know your song has been added to the queue, but without annoying you by taking up your entire screen!
  • Works on iOS 10 to iOS 13!
  • My very first tweak ever!


  • This would not be possible without the help of MTAC, he has helped me every step of the way and I couldn't have done this without him. Go check him out on Twitter: MTAC

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Version 1.4

Fixed an issue where vibrations would still play even with none selected Added new sounds Switched to UIImpactFeedbackGenerator on iOS 13 New Banner New Icon

Version 1.3

Fix for sound/vibration happening even when None is selected.