Change the Volume Button vibrations!


Add vibrations to the volume buttons!!

  • Control the volume stepper amount!
  • Hide the volume HUD!
  • Change HUD Color!
  • Remove Speaker Glyph!
  • Add Volume Percent! (Tap and drag on Volume HUD to activate)


  • Refunds will be considered if within 24 hours.
  • Accidentally buying the tweak will not be subject to a refund.
  • So make sure before you sign into your PayPal account and go through the steps of purchasing the tweak that you aren't "accidentally" doing so.

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Version 2.1

Removed the "Volume" text when Volume Percent is not activated.

Version 2.0

True up the volumeStepper, you can now set the value you want specifically.

Version 1.9

Fix volumeStepper.

Version 1.8

Added Volume Percent Added option to Reset Settings Fixed an issue where nothing would work if vibrations were deactivated

Version 1.7

Added an option to remove the speaker glyph.


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