This package is not activated. Please contact the developer if you need more information

iOS 13 Internal Tool Activator. This tool only works on 13.X devices. Do not attempt to run on iOS 12 and below


The open source iOS 13 Internal Settings installer. The AppleInternal is purged on non checkra1n devices and therefore should not be used on such devices. I am not a product of Apple and all legal rights are to be treated to Apple. I am not responsible for files being disrupted or destroyed with the use of these tools while they shouldn't cause harm the way you use them is dependent on yourself.

Source Link:

Version 1.2

forgot to change the product version oops.

Version 1.1

Fixed a bunch of bugs including dpkg crashing bugs. This should now work properly!

Thanks @_bplank for the asset hosting!

Version 1.1

Initial Release


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