Excellent theme with blur effect and degraded!

Cool theme with blurry look and gradient colors!

<p>It includes:

  • 362 icons with alternate icons and to upload more in the next update
  • 3 styles of notification balloons
  • 1 modern dock
  • 1 style of mask <p/>

<p>if you want me to create an icon, just send me a DM on twitter @ guillemejia17 <p/>

Version 1.1.3


<p> solution in some users<p/>

Version 1.1.2

New Update <p> New icons added<p/> <p> slight fixes on some icons<p/>


Version 1.1.1

new update

<p>includes 50 new icons and some alternate icons minor fixes to some icons<p/>

2 new docks coming soon

Version 1.1

New Update

<p> Version 1.1 brings over 60 new icons including alternatives Fixes in some icon dimesions <p/>


🏠 #StayHome with Twickd!