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Make your lockscreen unique.


Modern, Fast, and Battery Friendly

Important! Read the following:

This package is temporary as ajaidan0 is taking over development on April. new April version eta s0n

A Modern, Refined Experience

April allows for high customization of your lock screen so that you can have a unique lockscreen that is compatible with most of your favorite tweaks. With April, You can enjoy a modern lockscreen, a crowded lockscreen, or even a simple lockscreen.

Features & Feature Requests

I will be accepting feature requests at this discord server. Theres a hell of a lot of features but here are some of the basic ones:

  1. Time & Date Customization
  2. Up Next Calendar Events
  3. Weather on your Lockscreen
  4. Colors for everything!

Finally, I'm Done

I'm done with this long description but I do hope that you enjoy April and I would love it if you requested features, shared crash logs, etc. Don't forget to check out my discord server for tweak announcements, beta builds for tweaks, and even just for fun.

Version 2.0.6+debug

After a long time of no changelogs, we've decided to add a full changelog now.

First, Time Zones: Time zones are now interchangeable allowing you to view the time in a different zone with April.

Next, Tweak Support: For a long time, April has been blocking other lockscreen tweaks like Kalm and Jellyfish from using up the lockscreen space but now we embrace those tweaks. April v2.0.6 adds support for other tweaks like Kalm to be used alongside April.

Third, auto wallpaper colors: After a barrage of requests for this feature, we finally added automatically changing colors that respond to wallpaper changes. Alongside this, we've updated our color algorithm to better get colors that work for your wallpaper.

Finally, a bunch of crash fixes and bug fixes: We've fixed all the major crashes and bugs in 2.0.6 that caused 2.0.5 to crash upon install. Don't worry, we'll watch out next time.

Planned features: We are planning adding frame wallpaper support and also we are fixing battery life issues that may occur. From now on, we'll make changelogs like these to fully talk about new features.

Enjoy April and happy jailbreaking!


  • Version 2.0.6+debug
  • Updated Jan 08, 2021
  • Price Free
  • iOS Version(s) 12.0 - 13.6
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