OLED dark mode for Docs!

Tired of hurting your eyes at night and being harmed by that shiny white? Wondering how come Google didn't implement native dark mode yet, or why they give you an awful grayish experience? Say no more! With MoonlightDocs your nights looking through docs and files won't be as painful as before!

Known bugs:

  • None 拾

Compatible with iOS 13 through 14. iOS 12 compatibility is unknown.

Open sourced? Of course why not!

Check my other tweak PerfectSpotify to push the boundaries of your listening experience! MoonlightDrive for OLED dark mode for Drive!

Contact me if you have any questions!

Version 1.3

Extended OLED to some sections in the side bar menu and in the "Manage account" sections. Still not perfect but I'll get there hopefully.

Version 1.2

  • Rewrote the tweak without Cephei dependency, credits to MTAC since I based it off Centauri's open-source tweak and big thanks to Lightmann again for helping extensively to figure out why Google was screwing with me.