An awesome enhancement to your Spotify application!

Perfect Spotify!

An awesome enhancement to your Spotify application with a bunch of features to customize!



  • OLED Spotify
  • Blackout Context Menu
  • True Shuffle
  • Hide Connect Button
  • Hide Add Songs Button
  • Lyrics for ALL tracks
  • Disable Genius crappy lyrics
  • Disable Storylines
  • Show Status Bar because no one asked Spotify to hide it.
  • Hide Search Bar
  • Hide Tab Bar Labels
  • Hide Remove Button (Daily Mix)
  • Hide Share Button
  • Hide Settings Button
  • Hide Tab Bar Play Button
  • No Pop-Up When Liking Songs

Now Playing UI:

  • Hide Devices Button
  • Hide Close Button
  • Hide Playlist Name
  • Hide Context Button
  • Hide Queue Button
  • Hide Like Button
  • Hide Shuffle Button
  • Hide Repeat Button
  • Hide Artist/Song Text
  • Hide Time Slider
  • Hide Elapsed Time
  • Hide Remaining Time
  • Center Artist/Song Title
  • Align Text To The Top
  • Hide Previous Track Button
  • Hide Play/Pause Button
  • Hide Next Track Button

Car Mode UI:

  • Hide Car Button
  • Hide Playlist Title
  • Hide Car Like Button
  • Hide Choose Music Button

Podcasts UI:

  • Hide Back Button
  • Hide Speed Button
  • Hide Forward Button


  • Text Color
  • Tint Color
  • Gradient Background Colors
  • Now Playing UI Background Color

Search Page:

  • Hide Cancel Button
  • Unclutter Me Please
  • Hide Play What You Love Text
  • Hide Clear Recent Searches Button

Compatible with Spotify versions:

  • 8.6.12
  • 8.6.10
  • 8.6.8
  • 8.6.6
  • 8.6.4
  • 8.6.2
  • 8.6.0
  • 8.5.96
  • 8.5.94
  • 8.5.93
  • 8.5.86
  • 8.5.85
  • 8.5.84
  • 8.5.83
  • 8.5.82
  • 8.5.81 and probably lowers too.

Compatible with iOS 12/14!

Contact me for bug reports or features you want!

Open sourced? Of course why not!

Version 1.9

  • Removed all traces left of libsparkcolourpicker, which caused preference bundle issues for some users.
  • Possibly other fixes.

Version 1.8

  • Fixed SpotifyUI support.
  • Fixed search page crash.
  • Removed Lyrics UI section.
  • Fixed tapping on album crash.
  • Added "Hide Volume Knob" option.
  • Switched to libGCUniversal for colors.
  • Fixed "Hide Previous Track Button" and "Hide Next Track Button" not hiding.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen in the background involving Align Text To The Top option. (Thanks u/RuntimeOverflow).

Version 1.7

  • If you had an early deb before uninstall it in order not to encounter issues upon installation.

  • Added the options to disable tint/text color due to various requests. (Support for ColorFlow).

  • Added support for Spotify UI tweak.

  • Added "Align Text To The Top" option. (Huge thanks to RuntimeOverflow for helping with this).

  • Added a gradient view based on the artwork color thanks to Litten.

  • Added the option "Hide Play What You Love Text".

  • Added the option "No Pop Up When Queuing".

  • Added the option to color the Lyrics Card.

  • Some code optimisation regarding OLED dark mode. (Thanks ETHN).

  • Fixed shuffle and repeat buttons being hidden in the context menu.

  • Fixed Blackout option being broken in latest version and converted it to custom colors.

  • Fixed Settings Button not hiding in latest version.

  • Fixed Big Play Shuffle Button not hiding in latest version.

  • Fixed devices button in the Now Playing UI not being tinted.

  • Fixed "Clear Recent Searches Button" not working on latests Spotify versions.

  • Fixed "No Pop-Up When Liking Songs" not working on latests Spotify versions.

  • Fixed the twitter links in the contributions panel, now they open.

  • Note regarding Library X option: Spotify killed this feature in the latests updates so there's nothing I can do about it sorry.