Pixelation Theme

Pixels meet modern. Modern meet pixels.

If using Snowboard: Please install the ICON MASKS, ICON EFFECTS, and LABELS extensions for Snowboard. You can download these from SparkDev's repo.


This is my first ever theme and first ever "big" public project. I am open to any feedback on my Discord Server. This idea came to my one random afternoon, originally planned as a theme only for myself, but I decided to take a shot at it and publish it. I planned to keep kind of a stock look, but in a modern pixelated look. With the help of my great BETA testers, I was able to fix up my icons over and over and over again. Without them, I would have never been able to release this. If you'd like to join that BETA please join my Discord Server. Thank you.

P.S. I am currently inconsistent on my updates as my available time is quite scarce. Will try to improve with it.


  • 300+ Total Icons, excluding Clock and Calender.
  • 10+ New Icons Weekly
  • Pixelated Mask, Overlay, Shadow and Badges!
  • Themed Clock and Calender
  • Always plan to improve and will continue to support this theme as long as I have ideas and life lol

Discord Server

You can join my Discord by clicking here.. On this server, you may apply for a free BETA where I ask for feedback and update several times a week. You can have a direct say how the icons come out. You can also suggest new icons through here. You can also drop in any wallpapers that seem to fit with the theme and your setups! You can also be informed for any upcoming tweaks or themes! This also where you can contact me :) Thank you!

Version 1.4.1

315 Icons:

  • Added Desmos, Ecosia, Pinterest

  • Added main alternative to Desmos, Ecosia, Pinterest

  • Added second alternative to Ecosia and Pinterest

Version 1.4

307 Icons:

  • Added Snapseed
  • Added main alternative to Snapseed
  • Added a drop shadow as an icon effect

Version 1.3

305 Icons:

• Added Among Us, Google, and Nextcloud

• Added main alternatives to Among Us, Google, Nextcloud

•Added a second alternative to Google

•Redesigned the icon overlay

•Reworked the folder structure

•Fixed remaining badge issues. Respring for changes.

Version 1.2

298 Icons:

  • Added NEW Custom Icon Badges! Please disable any tweak conflicting with it and make sure to download the required Snowboard extension.
  • Added new main and second alternatives. For exact info, join my Discord, link in description.
  • Various tweaks to past icons. For exact info, join my Discord, link in description.
  • Added choice to choose between new and old icon overlays.
  • Don't forget to join my Discord for upcoming information and icon requests. Thank you.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 - 289 Icons:

  • Added Playstation, Mixtiles, VLC Player, Zoom, Disney Plus, Mimo Programming, Crunchyroll Manga, Telegram, Canvas, and Canvas Teacher.
  • Added main alternatives for Playstation, VLC Player, Zoom, Disney Plus, Mimo Programming, Crunchyroll Manga, Crunchyroll, Safari, iCloud Drive, iFiles, Gmail, Photos, Groupme, Sprint, Tips, Canvas, Telegram, and Canvas Teacher.
  • Added second alternatives for Sprint, Google Classroom, Google Photos, Vivint Smart Home, Gboard, Hangouts, Amazon, App Store, Best Buy, Discover Bank, DolphiniOS, Facebook, Notes, Paypal, Robinhood, Sofascore, Spotify, Tips, Twitter, Weather, Whatsapp, Podcasts, Spotify, Compass, Speed Test, Discord, PicsArt, Citymapper, Mint, Tinder, Facetime, Phone, Messages, Crunchyroll, VLC Player, Zoom, and Telegram.
  • Redesigned the Icon Overlays.
  • Fixed Crunchyroll's background.
  • Fixed Safari's Alternative's Background.