A simple Tweak to AutoRedial call till it connects.

AutoRedial - BusyLine, Activator actions and iOS 13.5 Supported


BusyLine calling is supported in AutoRedial 0.7.4. Make sure you watch the BusyLine demo on YT before buying this tweak and also read everything below.

The Easy Life You Deserve

Tired of Redialing when the user is continually busy? AutoRedial got you covered! AutoRedial allows you to redial calls automatically till your call gets connected. It does this in an extremely elegant and modern way. You can also configure delay time between autoredials.


  • AutoRedial when the user is busy(screenshot 2).
  • AutoRedial when the user is not picking calls.
  • AutoRedial for BusyLine numbers swipe up call button to start BusyLine AutoRedials.
  • Activator action to start AutoRedial.
  • Haptic feedback on call connect.
  • Haptic feedback on call redial.
  • Haptic feedback on BusyLine redials.
  • Custom delay for all the redialing options.
  • Confirmation before disconnecting and redialing a call.
  • Volume button gesture to cancel BusyLine AutoRedialing.

More Details

In AutoRedail 0.7.4 BusyLine calling is supported here is how to use it. Open settings app, enable BusyLine Beta options and set delay after that open Phone app then dial a BusyLine number. To start BusyLine AutoRedials swipe up the green call button, confirmation popup will appear then click YES. AutoRedialing will be started and call will be disconnected after the delay and will be redialed automatically. To cancel BusyLine AutoRedials use volume button gesture.

How is this useful?

Suppose you dial an unemployment number their lines will be busy you can use BusyLine feature to get connected as fast a possible. You don't have to hung up and redial again and again AutoRedial will do that for you. Set disconnect delay is settings dial a BusyLine number and AutoRedail will disconnect and redial that call after the delay that you have set. Suppose your call gets connected in 4-5th redial before the delay you can use Volume Button gesture and AutoRedial won't disconnect that call to redial. Yesss this how it works.

BusyLine Demo YT

If it's still confusing watch AutoRedail BusyLine feature demo by clicking here


Check out Amboy's full guide on the AutoRedial tweak(GadgetHacks).

Refund Policy

A refund will be issued if the tweak has a major reproducible bug that can‘t be fixed within 7 days. If the issue is not clear you will be asked to provide more details (Crashlog etc). Change of mind refunds are granted if the purchase is within 24 hours and a valid reason is provided. Refund requests can be rejected at my own discretion. Refund requests may be closed within 7 days of no reply.

Replying to a refund request can take up to 7 days.

Version 0.7.5

  • Added Activator support.
    • Rewrote setting prefs, Now it's more cool & smart.
  • Added option to start AutoRedial for BusyLine using Activator actions.
  • Added option to start AutoRedial for BusyUser using Activator actions.
  • Added confirmation option before starting AutoRedial using Activator actions.
  • Option to specify number which will be used for Activator action to start AutoRedial.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 0.7.4

  • Added BusyLine Feature to support radio contest and unemployment calling.
  • Added BusyLine video demo to explain BusyLine feature.
  • Added BusyLine confirmation option before disconnecting and redialing a call.
  • Added volume button gesture to cancel BusyLine AutoRedials.
  • Added phone app call button swipe up gesture to start BusyLine AutoRedialing.
  • Fixed a bug where confirmation popup was getting hidden behind the dock.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Version 0.7.3

  • Minor Bug Fixes for iOS 13.5.

Version 0.7.2

  • Fixed a bug when you receive an incoming call and AutoRedial tries to redial that call after the user disconnects the call from his/her side.
  • Fixed a bug when AutoRedial tries to redial a call when you are already on a call.
  • Fixed a bug when preferences crash if you click save button on iOS 13.5.
  • Other minor fixes to support iOS 13.5.


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