Customize your Control Center!

Customize your Control Center!

  • Color Glyphs.
  • Change the Modules color.
  • Change the Brightness and Volume color.
  • Change the Toggles and launchers color.
  • Hide the background for each.
  • Hide the overlay for all Toggles.
  • Enable Borders for all Modules, Toggles and launchers.
  • Change the Border color.
  • Enable Glow effects for all Modules, Toggles and launchers.
  • Change the Glow effects color.
  • Preset options available.

Compatible with:

  • AutoCorrectionCCModule by: udevs repo
  • Bakgrunnur by: udevs repo
  • BetterCCXI & BetterCCXI Weather Module (Packix repo)
  • CCCalc by: gilesgc repo
  • CCModules by: jailbreak365 (BigBoss repo)
  • CCMonoAudio by: shepgoba's repo
  • CCRinger13 by: shepgoba's repo
  • CCShazam by: gilshahar7 (Packix repo)
  • Coeus by: Azzou's repo
  • ControlWidget by: Basepack repo
  • LowPowerModeModule by: Johnzaro's Perfect Repo
  • Lyrication by: Basepack repo
  • Night Shift Module by: shepgoba's repo
  • NTSpeedModule by: udevs repo
  • Power Control Module by: Johnzaro's Perfect Repo
  • Power Module by: Muriey03 (Packix repo)
  • PowerSelector (iOS 11 to 13) by: ichitaso repo
  • Watusi by: Fouad's Repo


Que: Why Brightness and Volume Sliders are transparent when I apply a color?

Ans: Settings -> Accessibility -> Display & Text -> Reduce Transparency -> OFF. Respring!

Ans: Settings -> Accessibility -> Motion -> Reduce Motion -> OFF. Respring!

Please send me an email if you have something in mind that the Tweak is missing or if you're experiencing any bugs!

Version 1.3.4

  • Preset options are now added:
    • Create preset.
    • Load preset.
    • Export preset.

Compatible with:

  • AutoCorrectionCCModule -> Tweak by: udevs repo
  • Bakgrunnur -> Tweak by: udevs repo
  • NTSpeedModule -> Tweak by: udevs repo

Version 1.3.3

  • Sliders percenatges is now display at the bottom.
  • Toggles & Launchers, Glow effects can be enable without the Border being enable.

Compatible with:

  • CCShazam -> Tweak by: gilshahar7 (Packix repo)
  • ControlWidget -> Tweak by: Basepack repo
  • Lyrication -> Tweak by: Basepack repo


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