Ultimate device customization

Lynx - A dynamic customization tweak for iOS 13

Requires Alderis Color Picker or libcolorpicker, Cephei from Chariz, and RocketBootstrap

Zebra or Installer is recommended for installation, currently incompatible with Spotilife

If you are interested in adding your language to Lynx, contact me directly or follow the instructions here

SpringBoard (System Wide)

  • Hide Dock background
  • Hide Table View separators
  • Hide screenshot flash / set custom color
  • Hide scrollbars / set custom color
  • Hide navigation bar shadow image
  • Hide folder titles
  • Hide open folder background blur view
  • Hide folder page dots
  • Hide icon labels
  • Hide icon badges
  • Hide “Share App” option on 3D Touch
  • Hide “Delete App” option on 3D Touch
  • Hide “Edit Home Screen” option on 3D Touch
  • Reverse order of 3D Touch shortcuts
  • Hide 3D Touch shortcut icons
  • Show IP address on Settings’ Wi-Fi 3D Touch shortcut
  • Show battery percentage on Settings’ Battery 3D Touch shortcut
  • Hide 3D Touch separator lines
  • Hide control center statusbar
  • Hide tab bar labels / set custom height
  • Hide recently updated app dots
  • Hide page dots
  • Hide Status Bar Colored view (Location, Hotspot, Screen Recording)
  • Hide Home Bar / Hide everywher (Overrides lockscreen)
  • Hide folder icon view background
  • Force 'Done' button when editing apps
  • Hide 'Add Widget' text on SpringBoard widgets
  • Hide Screen Time icon darkening view
  • Hide Screen Time hourglass icon
  • Automatically close folders when opening apps
  • Disable app breadcrumbs
  • Colorize app badges to average color
  • Disable Low Power Mode autolock
  • Set custom number of Dock icons
  • Change FaceID animation duration
  • Use custom icon label colors
  • Force Light or Dark mode for specific apps
  • Use small navigation bar titles
  • Use custom number of homescreen columns
  • Use modern style table views
  • Hide Dock completely
  • Disable Spotlight on home screen


  • Set clock font and size
  • Hide clock
  • Hide Date label
  • Hide battery popup when charging
  • Hide page dots (Pre iPhone X)
  • Hide notification app names
  • Hide notification time labels
  • Hide / change “Notification Center” text
  • Hide FaceID padlock
  • Hide passcode button background
  • Hide emergency button
  • Hide cancel button
  • Hide delete/backspace button
  • Hide Swipe Up To Unlock/Press Home to Unlock text
  • Hide Search Bars on table views
  • Hide Control Center grabber
  • Hide 'No Older Notifications' text
  • Disable camera
  • Hide Do Not Disturb banner
  • Hide flashlight button (iPhone X)
  • Hide camera button (iPhone X)
  • Hide top FaceID text (iPhone X)
  • Disable unlock fly-in animation
  • Hide 'Enter Passcode' text
  • Use custom 'Enter Passcode' text
  • Use passcode button haptic feedback
  • Use custom notifications height
  • Use custom 'Swipe up to unlock' text


  • Use iPad grid style
  • Hide Handoff app suggestions
  • Hide card icons
  • Hide card app labels
  • Prevent killing from App Switcher if audio is playing

Control Center

  • Hide Status bar
  • Hide message when toggling
  • Hide module separators
  • Actually disable/enable toggles
  • Use dark modules

Status Bar

  • Hide Wifi signal
  • Hide Cell signal
  • Hide Battery view
  • Hide clock
  • Hide Lock Icon (iPhone 8 and below)
  • Set custom carrier
  • Show percentage inside battery

Today View (Widgets)

  • Disable on lockscreen
  • Hide Widgets View edit button
  • Hide 'The Weather Channel' text

App Store

  • Replace Arcade tab with updates


  • Hide “Share Photo” option
  • Hide iMessage app strip
  • Use custom bubble color(s)


  • Skip deletion confirmation
  • Use infinite zoom


  • Hide 3rd party app section
  • Hide cell icons
  • Show IP address in Wi-Fi section
  • Show Ethernet section
  • Add device info button
  • Hide chevrons on cells
  • Use custom first and last name in Apple ID section


  • Use iPad style layout
  • Hide last photo preview


  • Hide number button background
  • Hide call button background
  • Use custom call button color
  • Hide Voicemail tab
  • Show exact call time
  • Use large call button (causes layout issues in call screens)


  • Allow playback in background
  • Block Ads


  • Block Ads


  • Reenable number of likes


  • Hide 'Get Coins' button


  • Use iPad Tab Layout
  • Enable background playback


  • Disable icon labels

Experimental features

  • Use modern notifications, with circle icons and icon shadow

Version 1.1.9-6


• Fixed crash on 13.4 devices due to UIAlertViews

Version 1.1.9-5


• Fixed typo in constructor causing many options to break

Version 1.1.9-4


• Added option to disable Lynx in certain apps • Added option to hide notification ‘X’ button • Removed libcolorpicker and Alderis dependencies, and added warning if neither are installed • Updated localizations for Arabic, Greek and Polish

Version 1.1.9-3


• Fixed typo in Alderis dependency