The new Bluetooth Connecting Experience. Available for ALL Bluetooth Devices

Tired of not knowing when you are connected to a Bluetooth device ? Tacitus is the answer to that problem!

With its beautiful interface directly inspired by AirPods, Tacitus allows you to experience a new way to interact with your Audio devices.


  • Choose between three different layout to make your experience unique!
  • Fan of the Dark Mode? No problem with Tacitus's integrated dark style!
  • Make the most out of the connection interface by defining an application to open when your device connects*
  • Define everything including the name of your devices and its image!


  • Compatibility with every Audio Unit that can interact with your device (Bluetooth speakers, Wired headphones, Car bluetooth, ...)
  • Lightweight
  • Settings translated in various languages

*These settings can only be changed in Classic layout

Version 1.2.1

  • Support for AirPods
  • No more green text
  • Device image is now bigger
  • Haptic feedback (for compatible devices) on connection