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The Beginning of Something Beautiful.

  • AppList
  • Cephei

Control Center:

  • Rounded Modules
  • Add Slider Percentage

Icon Layout:

  • Dock Layout:
    • Change Maximum Icons
    • Scale Icons
  • Home Screen Layout:
    • Change Column/Row Count
    • Scale Icons
    • Change Top/Bottom/Side Insets

Lock Screen:

  • Custom Font
  • Alignment
  • Custom Size
  • Custom Padding
  • Enable Weather Label
  • Move Notifications Up/Down
  • Hide "No Older" Text
  • Hide Page Dots
  • Hide Quick Actions
  • Hide Quick Actions Background


  • Add Respring Button to Settings
  • Disable "No SIM" Alerts
  • Hide Separator Cells

Power Menu:

  • Enable Redesign
  • Add More Sliders


  • Disable Spotlight
  • Disable Today View
  • Hide Dock Background
  • Hide App Labels
  • Hide Page Dots
  • Hide Certain Apps

Status Bar:

  • Hide Charging Bolt
  • Show Percentage in Battery

Version 1.2.1

No new changes. Just re-organized preferences a tiny bit.

Version 1.2

Fixes issue where the lock screen labels would turn black when in light mode. They will constantly be white now.

Replaced Weather module with Battery module.

Maybe more? Did most of these changes a while ago, and don't remember everything that's changed.

Version 1.1

  • Fixed Safe Mode issue when changing wallpaper.
  • Combined System Wide and Miscellaneous pages.
  • Added auto padding changes when enabling/disabling Weather.

Version 1.0

Initial Release


🏠 #StayHome with Twickd!