A useful and beautiful tool bar for your devices.


A useful and beautiful tool bar at the bottom of the devices.


BottomToolBar adds a useful toolbar to the bottom of the devices, which can be call easily by simply swipe up. BottomToolBar can work well with many tweaks, for example BottomControlX, FloatingDock and HomeGesture. BottomToolBar also support many devices, including all iPhones, from iPhone5s to iPhone XS Max and iPods on iOS 12.0 to iOS 13.0. Hope you can enjoy it.


  • BottomToolBar connectivity bar: Enable/Disable connectivity toggles easily.
  • BottomToolBar music bar: Music player from the bottom of the screen
  • BottomToolBar app bar: Quickly access to your apps in home screen dock or recent apps.
  • BottomToolBar common tool bar: Including several useful toggles such as appearance and orientation lock.


  • All developers can create extensions for BottomToolBar.
  • All the toggles in connectivity bar and common tool bar are customizable.
  • The order of different pages can be customized too.
  • Gesture location can be changed.
  • BottomToolBar have two different style, which can be switched in settings page.
  • Background color can be customized and it also support iOS 13 Dark Mode.
  • BottomToolBar has vertical and horizontal mode.
  • We can change the gesture location and something else as you want too.

About purchasing

If you have any problems when transfer the pruchase from Packix, please contact us through the support email. Thanks for your support.

Version 1.3.0-b1

  • Bundled the new custom module framework. Now we can expand the custom widgets with smooth animation like normal iOS.

Version 1.2.1-1

  • Fixed a problem which may cause BottomToolBar crash on iOS 12 devices.

Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed a problem may disable the screen recording toggle.
  • Slightly changes for round corner.
  • Improved the volume and brightness bar.

Version 1.2.0-3

  • Added full Control Center toggles support for non-SpringBoard style (Bring application view up).
  • Added BottomToolBar extension support for non-SpringBoard style (Bring application view up).
  • Added support to make BottomToolBar extension able to get notification when BottomToolBar is enabled.
  • Fixed a problem may cause some media player bar show wrong information.
  • Fixed a layout problem on iOS 12 devices.
  • Fixed a problem when updating information for extension.
  • Fixed a problem may cause toggle page load wrong toggle.
  • Fixed a problem may cause the media control button become too small.